I-REACH 2 Inc provides a variety of opportunities for people we support to participate fully in an integrated, community-based settings. Our philosphy is to tailor a program of support that allows each individual we support to REACH their highest and fullest potential. 
Opportunties for Community Living:
We believe you have choices where and with whom to live. In this program you will have options such as group home living, living in privately rented residences with a roommate or two, living in your own apartment, or receiving supports in your family home. This choice is yours!
Opportunties for Community Employment:
Work defines us and gives us a sense of purpose. In addition, work is the one sure vehicle to move out of poverty. If you are ready to go to work, we are ready to support you in that effort! Our nationally certified employment team will meet with you and your team to develop an employment plan and goals that truly reflect your desires. GET READY TO WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD!
Opportunties for Community Supports:
Your opportunity to access your community on your terms is an essential component of our Community Integration program. We believe that "Community" means different things to different people. The services delivered from the Ralph Ballard Academy is a "clubhouse model" in terms of providing a meeting place for people to gather and make choices about their day. Here are some example of our community supports program.
Volunteerism: Volunteerism is a critical component of community participation. Volunteering alongside a wide variety of people is one of the best means there is to naturally promote people getting to know each other, and bridges the gap from recognizing or acknowledging fellow community members to developing relationships and friendships with fellow community members. Staff and individuals work together to identify and secure volunteer opportunities that fit with the individual’s interests, skills, and future vocational aspirations.
Creative Arts: Do you want to learn to play a guitar? How about painting? What about jewelry making? These and many more activities are available in this program.
Health and Wellness: We offer a variety of wellness activities designed to promote health and wellbeing. We have a yoga class offered twice weekly at the Acaedemy as well as several off-site fitness activities. Again, our services are designed to be as individual as you are!